Complete Home Services

We understand that the time you spend at your weekend home is precious, and that you don’t want to spend your weekend running errands, dealing with contractors and and playing catch-up on your to-do list.   Porchlight’s Complete Home Services offering is designed so you can rest easy and enjoy more free time at your weekend home.

Porchlight’s Complete Home Services is a menu of services that we provide to homeowners.   These services are not part of our short-term rental management program, but can easily be augmented at your request: 

✔ Landscaping.
✔ Catering.
✔ Game Management.
✔ Gutter-cleaning.
✔ Personal Concierge Services (delivery of groceries, drycleaning, etc).
✔ Maid Service.
✔ Garbage Removal.
✔ Skilled Trade Services (plumbing, electrical, insulation, painting, etc.)
✔ Storm Clean-Up.
✔ Security Services.
✔ Real Estate Sales.
✔ Renovations & Home Improvements.
✔ Farming (grazing and/or crops).
✔ Brush Clearing.
✔ Snow Removal.

If you need a service that is not listed above, the answer is YES!  

Porchlight has relationships (and negotiated pricing) with the best professionals in your area.  With Porchlight’s Complete Home Services, you are always getting the job done right the first time, by a hand-picked team of vetted professionals.

Porchlight’s InstaPhoto Policy: At the completion of any Complete Home Services job, Porchlight will email or text you a photo of the finished task, so you can rest easy knowing the job is done.

Call us today to learn more about how Porchlight’s Complete Home Services
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